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Book du jour: Thief Eyes

by Janni Lee Simner 

I will not allow it.

or, if you don't count prologue first lines:

Icy rain blew into my hood and dripped down my neck as I knelt on the mossy stones.

A great read on a scorching afternoon. Missed my daily writing page quota to finish it during the baby’s nap. Excellent twisty plot and total immersion into Icelandic lore and landscape. Haley is a believable, funny, and heroic protagonist. Loved it!

If you’re in the mood for more Arctic chill (and polar bears!), follow with Sarah Beth Durst’s Ice.



Book du jour: Bloodhound

by Tamora Pierce

I should have known tonight’s watch would kiss the mule’s bum when Sergeant Ahuda stopped me after baton training.

Bluntly honest junior “Dog” Beka Cooper is back on the case, this time sent to another town to sniff out a counterfeiting ring. I missed Rosto and her other friends, but was glad to meet a new and varied cast of characters. A great mix of fantasy and detective story.



Book du jour: Dragonfly

by Julia Golding

The Fourth Crown Princess of the Blue Crescent Islands had sixteen rituals to observe from the moment of waking to when she broke her fast.

Adventure and romance make a winning combination in this “alternate world” fantasy. There’s no magic to speak of, but Princess Taoshira of the Blue Crescent Islands and Prince Ramil of Gerfal find plenty of human-made obstacles on the road to self-discovery, armed resistance, and true love. I do enjoy world building where women can be government officials or war leaders as a matter of course. But I would have liked to see more of the Blue Crescent origami... It looks like there's a companion book due out soon, so maybe next time?


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