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We're moving to NY!

We're moving to NY! Like, this week. For Stan's new job. Completely do not believe how many file-sized boxes it's going to take to move our gear off a 48-foot sailboat. We're at fifty, and counting.


story sparks

Fact: boat hot water tank holds eight gallons.

Fact: marina showers are ¼ mile from boat, but have lots of hot water.

Fact: husband leaving for trip tomorrow, no leisurely showers unsupervised by Cabin Boy in the next 3 days.

Conclusion: hike!

After a nice long shower, the writer-brain goes into gear, turning random observations and interesting reading into story ideas.

The fog’s ghosting in. You can hear the little bait fish jumping out of  the water, but you can’t see them. What if… that splashing wasn’t fish?

Earlier this week, I followed a friend’s link to an article written by masseuse, about how she can read her clients’ physical & emotional history by touch. What if… she were tempted to a spot of blackmail?

When I climbed back aboard, Cabin Boy greeted me with an angelic smile:

“I only touched your computer a little bit when you were in the shower.”

Me: … 

Husband: “Enjoy these moments of honesty. ”

So how deeply could a three year old hack a laptop?

No, no, not going there. This story-spark has way too much potential for horror.


ah.... fairy tales

Have just figured out – Undercover Boss = Cinderella! No wonder I’m such a sucker for this show.

Disguised as a lowly worker whose real worth is hidden by strange facial hair or harsh makeup and fake nails, UB toils at various jobs within the company for several days. The hotter and grungier (cleaning port-a-potties, landscaping, snaking drains), the better. During these trials, UB sufferers humiliation, makes friends, and occasionally is horrified by the people who work for the company. Always, he or she comes to appreciate the effort required to do these frontline jobs every day, and the sacrifices workers are making for their families. (To drive home this point, the show's producers are sure to have lined up people with whom the boss can empathize.) 

At the end, UB gets a reverse makeover and is “revealed” to coworkers in some palatial office or ranch or winery or estate, where cash prizes and favors are bestowed on the employees who helped during the previous week. Like Cinderella’s stepsisters, disloyal, rude, or incompetent workers are offered a path to improvement. Implicit is the threat that if they don’t shape up, they will be shown the door of the palace.

And everyone lives happily ever after under UB’s newly empathetic management.


Book du jour: The Girl of Fire and Thorns

by Rae Carson  

Prayer candles flicker in my bedroom.

In this debut novel, a fat girl finds her own strength and learns to be queen. It’s gotten rave reviews and blurbs, including by Tamora Pierce (“engrossing”), and should appeal to fantasy fans who like their heroines brave and sensitive. Some elements reminded me of Harry’s journey in The Blue Sword, but the setting has a distinctive Spanish flavor. The real draw is a sympathetically flawed protagonist who gradually comes into her own.

According to the author’s blog, sequel The Crown of Embers is due fall 2012. Excellent.


Book du jour: The Inquisitor’s Apprentice

by Chris Moriarty

The day Sacha found out he could see witches was the worst day of his life.

I’m really glad that this novel was acquired in a multi-book deal, because 300 pages is just not enough time to spend in Sacha Lassky’s alternate turn-of-the-last-century New York. This book gets the ball rolling nicely, grounding us in Sacha’s particular family, neighborhood, and magical tradition before the plot spirals into the city’s wider world when Sacha gets a job with the NYPD’s most notorious Inquisitor. A fun range of characters and lots of action and magic. Next installment, please!


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