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Joplin, MO

Highlights: cool, cloudy weather great for driving. And driving. So glad I stopped at the 99c store before the trip to pick up a trunk bag full of "emergency" toy distracters for bored boy. The policeman kit carried us through Texas & OK.

Cabin boy (wearing headset): Mom. What's your report?
Me (to plastic walkie talkie): A blue truck just passed us. What's your report?
Cabin boy: Crocodile in the back seat.


Santa Rosa, NM

Highlights: Meteor Crater, Cabin Boy explaining the signs to driver: "When you see a yellow sign, that means watch out for big jumping kangaroos." Caught a glimpse of the Painted Desert, but it disappeared by the time we got out the camera. On through the top of Texas today!


Kingman, AZ

Highlights: driving through Barstow as the "supermoon" rises. Our fortune-cookie fortunes: The star of riches will shine on you beginning next month. You will be traveling to distant lands for business purposes. The wise thing to do is to prepare for the unexpected.

Now the cats are hiding under the bed... next task is to extract them for the day's travel ahead.



OK: the documents we were waiting for arrived, so it looks like we'll head east today. Last-minute boat sweep, pack up cats and go, go, go!

moving update

Getting excited about our x-country odyssey, but for the moment stll in port, enjoying cool ocean breezes. Departure slowed by last night's flat tire at our storage unit (thanks Auto Club for helpng us exit before the gate closed at 9pm), new set of tires this am, waiting for express mail letter now due to arrive tomorrow...
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