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Be a sport: support Yonkers Public Library!

This Saturday, July 14, at 2 pm, I’ll be speaking at a book fair held at the Barnes & Noble in Central Plaza, 2614 Central Park Ave, Yonkers, NY.

Festivities kick off at 11 am with a performance by Gigi and the Merriment Band, and continue with storytellers and puppeteers from Roosevelt High School. Fun for all ages! Proceeds to benefit the Yonkers Public Library branches.


Book du jour: Grave Mercy

by Robin LaFevers

I bear a deep red stain that runs from my left shoulder down to my right hip, a trail left by the herbwitch’s poison that my mother used to try to expel me from her womb. 

Teenaged assassin nuns find danger and romance in 15th century Brittany. The first in a series (seems to be a trend with my reading lately).  Great execution (so to speak) of a terrific hook. I raced right through this book, even though I should probably be taking care of a thousand and one moving details during Cabin Boy’s precious naptime. Would highly recommend for fans of historical fiction as well as fantasy.


Dover, NH

Made it to my sister’s house around 12:30 last night. Dropped off household stuff & trailer at storage place in Yonkers, NY & zoomed north. Highlights: NY City skyline, arriving safely at our destination! Oh, and breakfast tea and toast with homemade jam. Walking with Selim to the school bus stop. Not loading the cats in their carriers and preparing for another 12-hour day on the road.

Me (driving the cross-park-county-garden-Bronx expressway): what exit am I looking for?
Stan (buried in map): Just keep going. If it's the wrong way, it's a decision.

Clearfield, PA

Highlights: forgot to mention the big black swallowtail butterflies we spotted at a rest stop outside Joplin, MO. Mostly clear roads yesterday, but after a brief heavy downpour we got new windshield wipers--and a rainbow! Last night's anti-cranky remedy: a pink glow stick.

At the motel this morning. Cabin boy: Mama, where's my glow stick? Is it in the microwave?
Me: Why would your glow stick be in the microwave?
Cabin boy: (looks innocent)


Terre Haute, IN

Highlight: the boys catch the last tram of the day up to the top of the St. Louis arch.

Overheard after stop at Dairy Queen
Stan (to the back seat): How's that ice cream cone?
Cabin boy: Delicious! Even better than olives and zucchini.